Thursday, 2 November 2017

Nobody knows what its really like

I'm called an inspiration, I'm called strong- being honest, I love it. It makes me feel proud of what I've achieved.
But don't think that I'm always happy or have my shit together. Because I don't.

Nobody sees those days were I struggle to get out of bed because I have 'one of my migraines.' Dizziness takes over and it's a battle to even walk across my room without losing my balance completely and gaining yet another bruise next to all my others that I have collected.

Nobody sees those days where I'm too fatigued to even do anything. Fatigue is inevitable and is a constant in my life now. I have days where being in bed is my only option.

Nobody sees those days where my anxiety becomes too much for me to handle. One irritating thing and I can get completely overwhelmed.

Yes, stroke can do this to you. Nobody thinks it but the after-effects can be horrible. I have good and bad days, just like any other chronic condition. It's unpredictable. I can't help it.

Be patient with me.

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