Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Just a little update...

Guys, I'm back! I know it's been forever since I last posted and I apologise but now I'm back to posting on my blog again.

Right, where do I start...

So I took my A Level exams at the end of June. Yes they were spectacularly difficult but I got through them. Honestly it's really not fun spending all your free time shut away in your bedroom trying to panic-cram all this information into your head. The amount of posters and brightly coloured notes that seemed to cover my entire room, the number of times that I cried due to stress and the impending doom of exams.

I received an unconditional offer to study Psychology at the university of Hertfordshire so yes, I was 'technically' into university but hey, you still want to do well in your exams right?!

Well fast forward to the 17th August now which was results day..
I'll be honest with you all, I wasn't nervous. I can only put that done to the fact that I'd got my unconditional offer already.. and the fact that the university and UCAS had already text me to confirm my place on my degree course.
I went nearly the entire day not knowing; only until half 3 did my english teacher email me to tell me what I got. See I was originally due to go into hospital for an operation (more on that in a min) so I asked for them to be posted.. so obviously there was no point me going to my college to get them.. as they wouldn't be there anyway...
So yeah, my english teacher emailed me; I got BBC, the exact grades that I would've needed had I only had a conditional offer. So to say that I was happy was an understatement!!

Right ok so back to my operation.. well I'm due to have this operation to improve my speech basically (I won't go into too much detail because it's very confusing and to be honest, I'm not 100% sure myself!). I originally had a date of 10th August but that got cancelled and moved to 17th August.. which once again, was cancelled so... I'm no further forward in my mission to improve my speech. Devastated, annoyed, disappointed, then list goes on..

And today marks 4 weeks until I move in to my university accommodation, something I have become really excited about recently. Yes, I'm nervous to be living away from home of course but super excited to live with a bunch of people my own age. I've had to buy all my essentials like bedding, towels, kitchen stuff etc but it's only made me more excited to live away. Typing it now even gives me butterflies in my stomach, a mixture of excitement and nervousness...

I will be updating my blog more often now so keep an eye out, it'll follow my university journey and other struggles/highs that I experience.

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