Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Don't tell me how hard it is

Throughout my recovery, after my initial prognosis, I received nothing but positivity. I've always believed in being positive myself and not once have been phased by negative comments.

Until the past weekend.
Those that already know, know how much it upset me.
I don't want to rant too much but someone, who I thought was a friend, completely undermined my recovery/my life.
For someone that also has a brain injury, he was sure laying into me about my own.
I won't say what he said but it was incredibly nasty and totally uncalled for. He added that I don't understand how much he struggles day to day, that he pities me. I've never been so hurt and to think, they were my friend.

And before that, yet another boy insulted me about my stroke. Apparently my stroke wasn't that bad and my recovery seemed too good, like it happened overnight. I was absolutely shocked. There were no words to explain how angry/upset I was.
He also said that girls weren't as good at stroke recovery, that they aren't as strong.
Thanks 'mate'.

So apparently brain injury is a competition, according to these guys.

But I'm telling you this because IT IS NOT, AT ALL. Everyone's stroke is different first of all, everyone has a different attitude, everyone will recover at their own rate.
DO NOT EVER compare yourself to anyone! Recovery is not a race, not a competition. Do your own thing and most importantly, BE PROUD!

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